Hi there .. nice to meet you 🙂
I’m a girl who loves life and believing that everything has to do with timing and everything happens for a reason.

I love helping and making others happy, love putting a smile on people faces.

I come from a family who works really hard to earn a decent living.
I’m focused in the line of business.
I work at my family owned business.
Some days I work in the kitchen, making pizzas and cake which I love doing. My full time job is a store manager.

I’m a true nature lover and love spending time with family and also time alone, sitting on the roof of my home and looking at the sky in the nights.. connecting with nature.

I love meeting new people, traveling (especially to London). Traveling gives you different perspectives of life.

I fancy anything elephants, coffee shops and books mostly spiritual books.

I’m a person who prefers listening to peaceful music.
My number 1 recommended is chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra. It’s magic, believe me. ✌🏽


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