It’s so important for us to realise that the only place we will find long lasting, true happiness and acceptance is from within

Local Beings: London Log

Lizzie: We are planning to go to Paris. The plan is to do all the art galleries there. We want to just explore, as much as we can. There’s too many people who miss out, they have their bubble and can’t escape it. And any creativity they have is completely buried.
Laurel: It’s nice to be able to think like this, but it kind of causes problem too. A lot of the time we feel we can’t relate to people our age anymore – you know like all they care about is TV shows, and Snapchat.. or what are you wearing today. 
Lizzie: I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have each other.

Laurel: A lot of people look for happiness outside of themselves- in a job, in a relationship, in material possessions. Everyone is looking for the next thing that will ‘make them happy’, however what…

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